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"12th Five-Year" plan will provide the LED industry to bring new opportunities
Sourece:Shenzhen Yushengyuan New energy Co., Ltd.   Time:2012-05-03 16:06:12
Development of LED industry is inseparable from the support and encouragement of the government. Good development momentum of China's LED industry, LED industry has formed a complete industrial chain from the epitaxial growth, chip manufacturing, packaging, application, testing, standards, products are widely used advertising media, the stage background, landscape lighting, backlighting and general lighting. At the end of 2010, China's LED industry market size of over 100 billion yuan, in accordance with the relevant "12th Five-Year Plan, to the LED industry in China will reach 500 billion yuan in 2015, highlights the tremendous business opportunities.
Recent years, as LED technology continues to evolve, mature fields of application of the LED market in China is also increasing, mainly in the architectural landscape, LED street lamp, LED displays, traffic lights, home appliances, digital display with lights, car lights, specialty lighting lights, cell phones, digital cameras, computers, TV's small and medium-size, illuminated field. Architectural landscape is still China's largest LED applications; display LED display and home appliances account for 27% market share, becoming the country's second largest LED applications; mobile phones, computers, notebooks and other small and medium size backlight accounts for 22% market share become the third largest category of applications. Other types of applications such as traffic lights, car lights, specialty lighting market share has increased steadily.
The good momentum of development without government support and encouragement, in 2011 the "12" the first year of the plan, relevant government administrative departments continue to increase efforts to support the LED industry, and improve their development goals. It is reported that the "12th Five-Year" period, the LED industry will focus on upgrading the luminous efficiency of LED chips, strengthening the white LED patent portfolio and accelerate the development of LED lighting standards.
The rapid development of LED technology, which quickly gave birth to and nurtured a large number of enterprises, has played a tremendous role in promoting the development of China's LED industry. According to incomplete statistics, 14 provinces, municipalities and clear construction of semiconductor lighting industrial park, the LED industry as the emerging industries of the region to develop. The LED industry has also led to the rapid growth of the investment momentum, the industry-wide investment accounted for 16.6%. Is not difficult to see from the data, as China's focus on the LED industry, as well as the gradual improvement of the industry standard 2012 LED industry will enter a stage of rapid development.
But now, the LED industry, there are some problems, LED core technology is the development of China's LED neck screen. Of domestic LED core technology is imperfect, the upstream patent most of the foreign manufacturers to master, more than 80 percent of the high-end chips from abroad or Taiwan of China, the enterprises can not be extended to high-end profits plate; due to the lack of originality, invention patents, product blocked by patents, export constraints. Others do not have the strength of small and medium-sized enterprises often focus only on to seize the market while ignoring enhance their own technological capabilities and product development, which affects not only the future of sustainable development, but also restricts the future development of the LED industry as a whole.
LED industry to the healthy development is inseparable from the technology and product standards. Think with the introduction of the "12th Five-Year Plan, as well as strong government support, the LED industry will be the emergence of new opportunities.
With green, low carbon, green living ideas popular, new LED products is increasingly being pro-gaze from the LED energy-saving lamps to LED energy-saving display. Today, a growing number of investment professionals to focus on the LED field, large-scale investment, the main reason is that the LED industry supply chain in various industries over the previous relatively more open, the product a broader customer base, to the enterprise businesses, to individuals, families, customer base throughout the world the lowest unlimited potential. Furthermore, the LED industry chain, not only its own type the last two years has greatly changed, but also by the strong support of the national governments of the countries in the world. But such a move also led to the emergence of two phenomena: