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LED companies in fierce competition to obtain sustainable development of
Sourece:Shenzhen Yushengyuan New energy Co., Ltd.   Time:2012-05-03 16:07:31
A lot of capital into the LED industry, on the one hand, quickly pulled down the costs of these industries, it also exposed the many problems of disorderly competition. Once the core technology, talent shortage, and other aspects can not be improved, the LED industry is still constrained by the shortest of the short board, and can not achieve the desired capacity.
Facing overcapacity crisis, look at this year's LED industry has phased investment severe overheating condition. In this case, the industry there have been a voice of LED overcapacity how to deal with? It is understood that many LED lighting companies have mastered the low-power chip technology, demanding high power LED lighting epitaxial materials in this context, the Chinese companies want to take a slice of the upstream industry chain in the LED extremely difficult, and only a small part of the enterprise to survive in the cracks. Insiders pointed out that the LED market access threshold is low, the initial investment of 100 million yuan can build factories everywhere launched LED, and many had never set foot in the LED industry listed companies have also joined them.
According to expert analysis, LED hot situation seemed similar to polysilicon LCD panel. Started construction and planned construction projects from the current statistical point of view, the production capacity of LED at least overdraft market demand for the next 3-5. After the completion of a large number of LED projects will highlight the LED industry is not concentrated, excess capacity, disorderly competition in the market, the shortage of talent thorny issue.
The worry is that investment in high heat, but the market is not optimistic. Since the beginning of this year the price of the sapphire substrate has been declining. According to related statistics show that from January to July this year, the price of the 2-inch sapphire substrate from the beginning up to $ 35 / piece, down to -15 USD / $ 13 / piece unit, with an average decrease of more than 50%. It should be pointed out that the upstream capacity surplus will inevitably lead to the LED chip prices fell, while the proportion accounted for by the LED chip in the product cost is higher, so that the end product is likely to further price cuts.
Price reduction if you can bring to the market penetration is also something that is not a way out, but the problem is also reflected in the technical. LED lamp prices are indeed higher than the general lamp, but not a major problem. Now many small and medium enterprises and production of LED lamps in terms of quality and technology do not cross the border, and often necrosis. Companies need more effort in the application of technology, rather than to invest in the upstream.
If the LED business to avoid the emergence of these two phenomena, to achieve the development of chaos, we must adhere to the focus on R & D of core technology and rational investment.
The LED industry is emerging industries, high input high output LED industry in China in the technical reserves there is a large short board. LED lighting products in luminous efficiency, color rendering is relatively low. And the source of the chip mainly rely on imports, the cost of the product will virtually raise. The lack of core competitiveness-oriented terminal, expensive, filled with defective lighting market in the face of competition from foreign-funded enterprises, many of the local market advantage has vanished.
Industry experts believe that the LED companies only to break the bottleneck of LED technology, in order to find more outlets, this is a trend in the development of LED industry, innovation research and development core technologies in order to step ahead of others in the lighting market and display areas. This share of the investment boom to improve the domestic LED technology, the above defects, the LED industry will have a positive impact. The other hand, the LED investment heat and markets deserted and polarization, and the investment enthusiasm worthy of recognition, but behind these investments, should return to the rational, if one-sided investment overheating lead to industrial imbalance, the industry is of little help. Balanced and orderly sustainable development is a mature industry already possess the characteristics. Only insist on technology innovation and rational investment in order to seek the sustainable development of fierce competition.