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LED display state of the industry and market trends
Sourece:Shenzhen Yushengyuan New energy Co., Ltd.   Time:2012-05-03 16:07:58
First, the state of the industry
After nearly a decade of development, the development of China's LED display industry has begun to take shape, basically forming a batch of backbone enterprises of a certain size. The new century, the optoelectronics industry wide attention, with strength and influence of corporate LED display as a business strategy development, to get involved in the LED display industry, China's accession to the WTO, Beijing's successful bid to become the LED display industry opportunities for development, is expected in the last two years, China's LED display industry will have a greater adjustment and development. In 1998, the special committee of the lower LED display an incomplete statistics, the year 1998 total sales of more than 10 million yuan, more than 20 companies, its sales totaled about 600 million yuan, the total industry market 85% or more; more than 100 enterprises engaged in LED display, employing nearly 6,000 people in total industry annual sales of 800 million yuan, the previous 1996 and 1997 the growth rate of 40%, in 1998 slightly drop in growth rate of about 30%. Optoelectronic devices Branch of China Optics and Optoelectronics unemployed Association established in 1998 LED display professional committee, focused on a nationally representative and impact of the LED display manufacturers, there are 55 members of the unit was first established, has now grown to 67, basically includes the leading companies of LED display industry. 1999-2000, the LED display professional committee member units of annual output value of more than 1.1 billion yuan, and the degree of sales of more than 1 billion yuan. Compared with 1999, the average growth of the industry-wide production and sales value of more than 10% of individual companies has nearly tripled, there are several enterprises grew by more than 50%, most enterprises steadily, there are a few fell , it is estimated, the output value accounted for more than 75 percent of the national industry. The number of employees nearly 9,000 people, including professional and technical personnel more than 4,000 people, accounting for about 45% full of 2400 people with senior technical titles, accounting for about 28% full of. Most of these personnel engaged in technology development, on the industry as a whole, with a strong development capability. China's LED display and private industry in the development of the scale, product technology innovation, has maintained a relatively advanced level. The early 1990s, with a maturity of 16 gray-scale 256-color video control technology and wireless remote control and other international advanced level of technology, in recent years, full-color LED display, 256 gray-scale video control technology, Trunked Radio control, multi-level group control technology and other aspects have domestic advanced technology and products to meet international standards; LED display to control the dedicated LSI also has a domestic enterprise development and production and application. Domestic LED display private manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the east, north, south China region, and large manufacturers market range covering almost the entire domestic market. The number of domestic LED manufacturers also by the increase, the current relatively scale (annual production value of more than 3 million yuan) estimates that more than 150 million of annual output value of more than 20. And because of the relatively high cost of domestic LED display, nearly 100% of market share, similar foreign products market.
Second, the LED display development trend
1, high-brightness, color of
Blue and pure green LED products since the since the emergence of cost every year quickly lower and already have a mature business conditions. The full-color LED display will be an important development direction of the LED display. Improve the performance of LED products, full-color display brightness, color, white balance to achieve the desired results, and fully meet the outdoor all-weather environmental conditions, the same time, due to the advantage of full-color display price-performance ratio is expected to the next several years of development, full-color LED display in the outdoor advertising media will increasingly replace the traditional light box, neon, magnetic flap, stadiums will be displayed in full color LED screen mainstream products. The World According to incomplete statistics, at least 150 manufacturers full color, in which products are complete, the larger the company, about 30, mainly in the United States, Europe, Asia (Japan, China, Taiwan, China). Domestic production of full-color display from the 1994 and 1995 to the end of 2001, a nationwide full-color LED display more than 300 pieces. The wide application of the full color LED display is the LED display industry, the development of a new growth point.
2, standardized
Materials, the technology matures and the market price of the basic balance of standardization and regulation of the LED display will become a new trend in LED display tuxedo. In recent years, the development of the industry, market competition conditions of the traditional products based on price as the primary means of competition, the repeated price down to adjust to meet the basic balance, product quality, and reliability of the system will be the main competitive factors, which standardization and regulation of the LED display With high demand, some industry backbone enterprises has begun implementation of the ISO9000 series standards. In January 1998, former Ministry of Electronics electronics industry standards promulgated the general specification of the LED display, LED display industry standard chemical work began to regulate. In early 1998, the Chinese Optical Society optoelectronic devices branch of the formal establishment of the LED display professional committee, after the establishment of industry associations, to guide and regulate the industry, to carry out the optoelectronic devices and LED display products and testing standards communication and coordination to actively work in 1999 "LED devices and applications Seminar" held in Kunming, and organized the drafting of the LED display detection method ", modified the organization to discuss, formally issued in August 2000, implement the pilot in the LED display professional committee member units implementation. Electronic Standardization Institute and a professional member of the LED display is the standard system and the specific criteria for the establishment of organizational strength to carry out the work. With the implementation of the system, the formation of product standards and the series of standards, LED display industry in the healthy and orderly development. The formation of industry norms and standards, testing of products with a relatively uniform understanding and judgment in accordance with the development of the unemployed will tend to be orderly.
3, a diverse product portfolio
The formation of the information society, LED display folk broader application prospects. Mainstream products the situation is expected to large or very large LED display will change to show folk will be greatly improved, v. small LED display and LED display product categories for the information services and suitable for the service industry characteristics and professional species system will be more abundant, some of the potential market demand and application areas will be a breakthrough will have a greater increase, in large quantities, such as public transport, car parks, restaurants, hospitals and other services in demand for information display. miniaturization of the standard series of LED display LED display of the total market will be a majority share.